1965: Established BODY SCULPTURE


1965: BODY SCULPTURE was founded by Bellow Equipment Co. and located in Leeds, Yorkshire.

1970: Bellow had successfully market BODY SCULPTURE in the UK market. The product category ranged from weight training sets to Keep Fit equipment and accessories.  Bellow had established a reputation for using only the finest materials in production and maintained a tight quality control.

1987: BODY SCULPTURE bought by Beavero PLC, a company registered on the British Stock Market.

1990: Beavero PLC facing financial difficulties and sold BODY SCULPTURE was acquired by Solex Industries. Solex was established in 1978, specializes in indoor and outdoor fitness equipments. It has been known for its profession in R&D and recognized by the CETRA with awards for excellence in product and packaging design.

1991: BODY SCULPTURE Int. Ltd. in Taiwan was established.  Under the leadership of Lane C. Yang and managing direction of Johnson Ting, BODY SCULPTURE became a company that provides a complete line of fitness equipments and accessories.

1992: Mini Stepper was the top 10 best seller in Index, Littlewoods.

1994: BODY SCULPTURE Int. Europe Ltd. was established and headquartered in UK.  In the following year, UK office moved to Bradford due to rapid growth.

1999: BODY SCULPTURE Int. Europe Ltd. in Xiaoshan, China was established.

BODY SCULPTURE's research and development department branched out and became an independent design studio, named HiMark International Design Co.  HiMark continues to working closely with BODY SCULPTURE, with its profession in the R&D and the design &marketing field.

2000: Body Sculpture was the first to use colorful translucent plastic material for its exercise bi bikes. This innovative design had vring positive response in the maket and was the leader in the industry

2001: Sales distribution reached $93 million (USD).

2002: In May, Liven Sports MFG was established in Xiamen, China.  Liven enables BODY SCULPTURE to pass huge savings due to low cost operation and enables BODY to better control its product quality.

2003: BODY SCULPTURE has been expanding its product lines to meet the needs of the market and continuing to invent new products.  Our invention includes Power Treadmills, Magnetic Resistance Products, Elliptical Striders, Steppers, Torso Trainers, and a huge range of popular Accessory lines.