Body Sculpture

Company Profile

Body Sculpture was established in 1965 by Bellow Equipment Co. The major change to the brand started in 1990 when it was purchased by Solex Industries. Over a decade of time, Body Sculpture has grown rapidly and became an international brand under the leadership of Lane C. Yang.

Under the brand name Body Sculpture we internationally promote our range of fitness equipment and accessories as well as our holistic wellness products. Fitness items range from home trainers to treadmills and from dumbbells to exercise mats. Home fitness products target virtually any age group and present the largest single global market for sporting goods.

Body Sculpture invests in people, believes in value, and has a heart for innovation. It is committed to provide its customers with most reliable product and most satisfying service.


Body Sculpture is committed to building quality, innovative products. Demand continues for the creation of more new products providing our consumers with a healthy and comfortable lifestyle and more enjoyment from their physical exercise.

We are devoted to achieve the highest standards in quality, value and performance through attention to detail in design and manufacturing. Our R&D department never stops working on inventing and improving products. And we always use the highest quality, most durable materials available. The value of Body Sculpture products is absolutely superior to their price.

In your home fitness life, Body Sculpture will bring you satisfaction, energy and make you be your best.